Universités et Écoles aux Sichuan, Chine

Les Meilleures Universités et Écoles aux Sichuan, Chine 2019

Les universités et les écoles de commerce à Sichuan. Trouvez toutes les informations sur les universités les mieux classées à Sichuan ici, et contactez-les directement!

3 Résultats en Sichuan

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Chine Chengdu Allemagne Berlin September 2019

Founded in 1925, located in Chengdu The only business-oriented university in western China listed in both “Project 211” & “Featured Project 985”. The only university previously administered by the People’s Bank of China Leading Brand for Business Education in West China

Southwest Jiaotong University

Chine Chengdu Leshan September 2019

Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) was founded in 1896 and is one of China’s oldest higher education institutions. Known as the cradle of China’s railway engineers and “the Cornell of the East”, SWJTU is the birthplace of China’s modern education in transportation, mining & metallurgy and civil engineering. Through its history, the university has adopted different names such as “Imperial Chinese Railway College at Shanhaiguan by Beiyang Railway Bureau”, “Tangshan Jiaotong Univer… [+] sity” and “Tangshan Institute of Railway”. [-]

Mandarin House

Chine Shanghai Pékin Hong Kong Canton Shenzhen États-Unis d'Amérique New York Chengdu Suzhou China Online September 2019 + de 6

Over 50,000 students from 100+ nationalities have chosen Mandarin House as their Chinese language school and our expertise and reputation in helping students achieve their Chinese goals is second-to-none. We are proud to have won international awards, reached the strictest quality accreditation standards and to have employed only the best teachers and staff who are all dedicated to one thing: empowering you master Chinese as fast and efficient as possible.